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This website was made in order to provide information about Dr. Erik Goluboff, the Principal Medical Lead of Genentech’s drug development program in urologic cancers. Here, you will be able to find a full bio about Dr. Goluboff as well as current information on medicine and urology, which are his areas of expertise.

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This website intends to provide further information about Dr. Erik Goluboff. In addition, this site was made to be a valuable resource geared toward anyone interested in learning more about urology. Dr. Goluboff has been working in the field for almost three decades, and has held high-ranking positions at notable organizations throughout his career in urology. To learn more about Erik, head over to his full bio which is located on the About Page, or, to get in touch with him, just fill out the form over on the Contact page.


Dr. Erik Goluboff

Dr. Erik Goluboff

New York, NY Medical Doctor

Dr. Erik Goluboff has spent almost thirty years in the field of urology. He received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1990, and is currently the Principal Medical Lead of the urologic cancer drug development program at Genentech. Dr. Goluboff previously worked at AstraZeneca, and before that spent almost three decades as an academic urologic oncologist.


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Dr. Erik Goluboff is a longstanding professional in the field of urology. If you have the desire to get in touch with him, please do so by completing the contact form found on the Contact Page below and he will get back to you as soon as he can. Over his career, Dr. Goluboff has performed more than four thousand major urologic oncologic surgeries. To find out more about the doctor, just click the link to the About Page, which has his full bio and list of accomplishments.

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Here, you will find loads of information regarding urology and medicine for anyone who has questions about getting involved or for anyone who simply wants to learn more about the field. Our Blog Archives contain advice and helpful tips which have been shared directly from Dr. Goluboff. As a respected authority in the field for the past three decades, Dr. Erik Goluboff is a leader when it comes to the practice of urology. Learn more about your options for learning about urology and medicine through the articles in our Blog.


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Contact Dr. Erik Goluboff to learn more about medicine and urology. If you also work in the field and are looking to connect or network with Dr. Goluboff, or to anyone who may have any business opportunities to collaborate on, feel free to reach out via the form on the Contact Page, and Dr. Goluboff will reply back to you as soon as possible.


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